Feedback about the service BTC.Kiwi

fxjqskuj,09.09.2018 01:03


rcuncpgw,03.08.2018 00:14


zaza29,01.08.2018 05:34

yesterday I tried to exchange in the exchanger, waited all day in the end found out this morning that the translation is cancelled it is not clear why the amount 3158 р. return the money or bitcoins so it is not done

Ilya,27.12.2017 19:54

Used for the first time...difficulties but the operator of POAG to solve the end, all reslo.thank you

#0efc6650,25.11.2017 09:37

used for the first time. everything is OK

#0c135308,08.11.2017 15:46

fellows, only can be cheaper to sell.

#32440664,07.11.2017 16:40

Great service. Fellows, so keep

#6f4d1049,05.11.2017 00:35

There was a problem but those. Support decided Normal service from my point of view..

#31363345,31.10.2017 08:03

всё быстро и качественно перевели thank you

#59a49340,30.10.2017 20:28


#59a49340,30.10.2017 15:59


#d8b64478,29.10.2017 21:33

I always use your service, everything works fine.

#10829059,29.10.2017 15:27

long Vistula 1,5 hours

#58e90582,29.10.2017 14:18


#3ad0059,29.10.2017 02:58

Hope that will come quickly...

#cfe49787,28.10.2017 19:56

Quickly and conveniently

#41367350,27.10.2017 16:34


#e7055247,26.10.2017 17:51

well все шустро без возни

Qiwi,26.10.2017 07:58

Thanks for the quick exchange at a great price

#ba715172,26.10.2017 07:50

good exchanger

#53eb2314,25.10.2017 00:43


#f0641467,23.10.2017 14:48

Thank you, all very instantly were issued

#bac96405,22.10.2017 22:38

test good fast

#a4615745,22.10.2017 10:27


The user,17.10.2017 15:52

Good service, very hard to find exchangers, which carry out transfers to small sums of Money came through 3 minutes.

The user,15.10.2017 23:13

Great rabotavshie came quickly

The user,13.10.2017 10:54

high speed, class

The user,11.10.2017 01:05

more 3 minutes are not

The user,10.10.2017 19:52


The user,24.09.2017 17:03

Smooth service, thank you

Serega,16.09.2017 15:42

Service bomb. Support chat helpful, do not dynamite

anonymous,12.09.2017 01:04

Your website was recommended by a friend, now here is constantly changing

Nastya,08.09.2017 19:47

Bullet put on kiwi., as they grew up, но обменке thank you

aquablue,07.09.2017 17:28

Nice interface, high speed все well 5/5

Gradus451,04.09.2017 22:39

For 5 min Deposit it

Ivanovich,04.09.2017 10:19

Satisfied 200 %

Oleg ,28.08.2017 14:37

Long sought a normal exchanger, now here constantly convert currency. Like everything. Success

Selnikk,25.08.2017 09:11

Everything is thought out, the bot in the cart - good thing

Trishaw,18.08.2017 20:07

The main thing - honestly and according to porosimeters

Senya,18.08.2017 19:23

Quickly, conveniently, just

graphomanische,18.08.2017 19:21

Best ever

dig,17.08.2017 23:43

Great service, chops came immediately

Tony Montana,17.08.2017 03:34

Everything is super and fast

Stefan1993,17.08.2017 00:52

Друг посоветовал обменник и остался другом Good service, exchange fast.

Jansebastian,29.07.2017 14:09

Judging by the forecasts ,the cost of bitcoin will fall.The bitcoin exchange rate is stable-you need to change.

Sanechek,26.07.2017 06:13

Exchanger super.Thank you коллеге за наводку.Exchanged for Kiwi account for a good cursoriconinfo all

badaboom,19.07.2017 22:04

For money pleased a velocity work, everything went like clockwork

Lenya Dark,13.07.2017 15:48

Thank you большое за качество работы

Stanislav,07.07.2017 21:09

A good exchange will pancrecarb

triniti,07.07.2017 17:37

Мне liked,will continue to change

Peter Peter,04.07.2017 11:36

That ,что надоQuickly и качественно,and most importantly SAFELY

Donald Trump,01.07.2017 04:51

Made, no problems, a good rate, the support is responsive.Fancy

Silverhorse,29.06.2017 18:02

All of bystronom exchanger

Alexander,23.06.2017 17:12

Great abonnements only his plaguily quick exchange

Nick,19.06.2017 21:27

Excellent rabotaet very happy,I will continue to use

Vladimir,27.04.2017 11:53

Достаточно well работает сервис, Kiwi came the money for 10 minutes.

Eugene,22.04.2017 03:17

Bitcoin exchanger load fast, tech support apparently does not sleep Brought bitcoins and realized that nothing, the rate increases can wait, I advise Everyone to work with this professional service earned combination a reputation quality of work.

Sasha,21.04.2017 23:51

Profitable exchange ,thank you за курс. Hope will always be as quickly to work obmennik

George,03.03.2017 01:07

Excellent service Working with him did not peruyes it quickly, clearly, reliable would recommend

Anton,26.02.2017 11:28

Used the services of this service, work faster than the stated time. amounts do not operate small, все быстро clearly ну и оперативно. The adequacy of support above all but it is important.

Svetlana,17.02.2017 21:13

Большое thank you Деньги пришли just за несколько секунд выводила на Киви

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What is the exchange?

You transfer bitcoins to the order address. As soon as the transaction gets 3 confirmation will be made by transfer to your QIWI wallet.

It quick?

Usually within 30 minutes. To speed up bitcoin transfer it is desirable to provide the Commission 0.0005 BTC.

Is it safe?

The translation is from physical person. no comment.

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