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Company «BTC-Kiwi» has a huge experience in the market. So if you need to convert one currency to another, our service is best suited for this task. Exchanger BTC QIWI conducting operations at any time of the day. Since the conversion is carried out in the mode of «machine». The process of exchange lasts maybe half an hour. We also have the best exchange rate in network. Cooperation with «BTC-Kiwi» has the following advantages:

  1. Company working around the clock. So you can change Bitcoin to KIWIS in any quantity at any time.

  2. We provide services with maximum quality. Service «BTC-Kiwi» trust is already more than seven million users.

  3. Company ensures complete privacy. All conversions happen anonymously. They run between individuals, without-or reviews.

  4. The service does not use any hidden fees. The amount of money stated in the receipt is always correct. You will be listed that is the number you need currency.

  5. Company guarantee full security of transactions. Perform the necessary exchange of currency in machinenical mode.

  6. We provide quick converting speed. Users receive currency within thirty minutes.

Our Bitcoin exchanger in rubles KIWI works on a very simple scheme. To carry out the currency conversion have to do all three elementary simple steps. In General, the exchange procedure as follows:

  1. Choose the required currency.

  2. Fill in the appropriate box the amount and details of e-wallets.

  3. Click «Exchange».

Following these simple instructions, you can quickly and safely exchange one currency for another. The procedure will take a maximum of half an hour. Also worth noting is the huge foreign exchange reserves of the service «BTC-Kiwi». This means, you can quickly and securely exchange very significant amounts of money.

How to choose a online exchange Bitcoins for KIWI?

For the selection of the resource for the exchange of electronic money, you need to approach this issue responsibly and carefully. Make sure, what you are considering exchanger:

  • safe;

  • does not have hidden fees;

  • has a sufficient reserve of currency;

  • work in the time convenient for you;

  • change the currency quickly;

  • performs conversion anonymous;

  • provides the most favorable exchange rate.

Before, than starting to assess Bitcoin exchanger in rubles KIWI make sure, that you are not crooks. Online a lot of sites, offering services to convert electronic currencies. Some are created to trick users. They may intend to offer terms, which at times is more profitable, than most services. Thus, fraudsters lure people. Further, the user will take money to convert them into another currency, and just steal them. So be sure to check the reputation of a particular resource, before you start to work with him.

Some exchangers on WebMoney purse offer their services with hidden Commission. The user enters in the corresponding field on the website the amount of funds, he wants to change. Shown next to the currency amount, he wants to. Thus in this figure are not considered commissions. As a result, the user gets less money, than expected. Information about, what you need to pay the fee, as a rule, specifies intentionally darling. Therefore, most understand, that they were deceived only after the fact. To prove that-practically impossible. Since the user has been warned for the recovery of a fee.

Make sure, what Bitcoin exchanger in WebMoney purse has a sufficient supply of currency. This is especially important, if you need to convert a significant amount of money. If the exchanger good conditions for cooperation, but there is no necessary of currency into a specific amount, cooperation with him is no good.

Not all online exchange Bitcoins for KIWI work around the clock. It also must be taken into account. If the service is not functioning ' round the clock, be sure to check opening hours. In some cases, currency exchange, an urgent need. Therefore, cooperation with such services is not the most convenient and reliable.

It is very important, so the exchange happened quickly. Some of the exchange application for the conversion of Bitcoin to KIWIS, and Vice versa can be seen a few hours, and sometimes the whole day. To work with such companies uncomfortable. Because the users are just wasting your time. During the period of consideration of the application may change the exchange rate, or eliminate the need for the surgery.

Collaborate with exchangers, who carried out the conversion of anonymous. This point is important enough. It is associated with the aspect of security. Companies providing exchange services are confidential, not so much. Consider this detail.

As you have learned, service «BTC-Kiwi» fully complies with the above criteria. We have selected by millions of users. The reputation of the company «BTC-Kiwi». In addition, we offer the best rate of exchange. All this makes cooperation with us convenient, safe and productive!

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Frequently asked questions

What is the exchange?

You transfer bitcoins to the order address. As soon as the transaction gets 3 confirmation will be made by transfer to your QIWI wallet.

It quick?

Usually within 30 minutes. To speed up bitcoin transfer it is desirable to provide the Commission 0.0005 BTC.

Is it safe?

The translation is from physical person. no comment.

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