Earnings on the exchange of Bitcoin to KIWIS

On the conversion of e-currencies you can make good money. Only one of our exchanger are held every day thousands of operations. Therefore, the currency exchange is a promising direction for additional or basic earnings. Anyone can make money on this.

What the company offers «BTC-Kiwi»?

A feature of our resource is the fact, we not only help users to exchange Bitcoins for KIWI, and Vice versa, but also provide additional opportunities. If you choose to register on our website, you will be allocated a referral link. It can help to attract people to exchange money in the company «BTC-Kiwi». This activity can be very profitable for you.

People, passing by reference would make the exchange transaction. This means that for every amount of our service will transfer you rely bonus. Moreover, the amount of remuneration directly depends on the number of attracted clients. Affiliate program looks like the following;

  • 0.5% from the amount of exchange for 1 the invited user;

  • 0.6% of the amount of conversion 5 referred clients;

  • 0.8% from the amount of exchange and an additional bonus for 10 users;

  • 0.9% of the amount of conversion and an additional bonus for 100 customers;

  • 1% from the amount of exchange and an additional bonus for 300 users.

If you are interested in earning on the exchange QIWI on Bitcoin, company «BTC-Kiwi» offers the best conditions for this. With our affiliate program you can earn a lot of money. For this you need to work hard, attracting a large number of new customers. But even, if your referral links to cooperate with the company to connect only a few people, you will still get a small, but a good reward.

Other ways of earning

To earn good money on currency conversion need to have certain skills, and also to be able to predict the price movements of the cryptocurrency. It is much more difficult, than working with traditional currencies. Since on changing their rate is influenced by other factors.

The easiest way to obtain earnings on exchanging Bitcoin on KIWI is to participate in affiliate programs of different exchangers. We have reviewed its features, and also spoke about the conditions, offered company «BTC-Kiwi». No exaggeration to say, our affiliate program is one of the best.

There is also another way of earning. It is to open a private Bitcoin exchanger on KIWI. However, this option is not suitable for every user. Since the solution to this problem is rather time-consuming. Plus needs to invest heavily. Therefore, we do not recommend this option to beginners.

To create a custom service for the exchange of cryptocurrencies need to provide users with the ability to carry out the conversion in the different directions. In addition, you must give customers the opportunity to use various payment systems.

You also need to effectively address the issue of security. It is necessary to prevent theft of Bitcoins by hackers. Otherwise, all your earnings will be stolen. It is important to use a low fee for your services. Otherwise customers will not want to deal with you.

Website creation service also requires a major investment. Since we are talking about product development, having a high level of security. And to do this will not everyone is a developer. In addition, trusting the development of such a site to a stranger, you take a big risk. As he will know all the vulnerabilities of your site. The result is unreliable, the developer can use this information against you, for personal enrichment.

It is possible to purchase a ready-made script for performing the EXCHANGon currency in automatic or semi-automatic mode. But keep in mind, you will still have to deal with servicing and administration of the resource, or to pay money for these tasks to another person.

Even if you have developed a website, have provided him with all necessary and sufficient foreign currency reserves, that's not all. Users need to know about your service. It is necessary to advertise and promote. It will also have to spend a lot of money. Therefore, the task of creating your own exchange rather complex, time-consuming and risky.

Easy affiliate program «BTC-Kiwi»

The most simple and rational earnings on exchange QIWI on Bitcoin — this affiliate program from the company «BTC-Kiwi». Attracting customers on our service, you will be able to achieve fantastic results. To solve this problem we can use social media, to create your own website or use personal recommendations. The participation in our affiliate program is absolutely legitimate and safe. Your profit directly depends on the number of attracted users, and amounts of money, they convert from one currency to another.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the exchange?

You transfer bitcoins to the order address. As soon as the transaction gets 3 confirmation will be made by transfer to your QIWI wallet.

It quick?

Usually within 30 minutes. To speed up bitcoin transfer it is desirable to provide the Commission 0.0005 BTC.

Is it safe?

The translation is from physical person. no comment.

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