281696.1 RUB = 1 BTC The actual rate is updated every 5 min.The actual rate is updated every 5 min.. The Commission Bitcoin 0.001 BTC paying customer

The Commission Bitcoin 0.001 BTC paying customer

In connection with increased zarajennogo network Bitcoin possible delays confirmation of the transaction

The Commission Bitcoin 0.001 BTC paying customer

Pressing exchange and you accept the terms Agreement

Automatic exchange 24/7

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In connection with increased zarajennogo network Bitcoin possible delays confirmation of the transaction

Pressing exchange and you accept the terms Agreement

Automatic exchange 24/7

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Frequently asked questions

What is the exchange?

You transfer bitcoins to the order address. As soon as the transaction gets 3 confirmation will be made by transfer to your QIWI wallet.

It quick?

Usually within 30 minutes. To speed up bitcoin transfer it is desirable to provide the Commission 0.0005 BTC.

Is it safe?

The translation is from physical person. no comment.

Other question-answer (FAQ)

The best exchange service Bitcoin and QIWI

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency. From conventional money, it is significantly different. The financial tool has an important property. He is deprived of centralized administration and processing. All operationsand are carried out in peer-to-peer network. The latter is based on Ravnopravieand the payment system. This advantage and led to rapid growth.and consider cryptocurrency.

Service «BTC-Kiwi» specially designed for, to facilitate the exchange of KIWI Bitcoin, and on the contrary. Nowadays many users have the need to perform the above operations. And this is not surprising. Bitcoin have openly called «digital gold». Among the useful features of cryptocurrency included:

  • the lack of registration;

  • anonymous and .and free transactions;

  • no.and frostand payment transaction;

  • the value of Bitcoin is determined by the market, and not state structures;

  • the lack of issuingand cryptocurrency;

  • financial resources of the users are files, stored on the hard disk of the computer.

Usersand Bitcoin have a unique opportunity absolutely free sale/purchase, payments Iland translation. Payment system Bitcoin was founded eight years ago. Создателем новой cryptocurrency стал японский программист Сатосand Nakamoto. It mailsand there is no information. There is even a version, that is not one person, a group of developers. However, Bitcoin has become a convenient financial tools, protected from state action.

ESLand you want to make profitable Bitcoin exchange on QIWI, make use of theand service «BTC-Kiwi». Our company offers the most favorable conditions for the conversion of. With our help, to change cryptocurrency on electronic moneyand it has become even easier. Team «BTC-Kiwi» making every effort, to facilitate the exchange of.

How to exchange Bitcoins for KIWI?

There are several sharing options QIWI na Bitcoin. Each of them has itsand features. Has the following sharing options:

  • through the exchange;

  • direct purchase;

  • servicesand service «BTC-Kiwi».

Exchange QIWI on Bitcoin can on exchange. In this case, the conversion will occur between users. A significant part of exchange transactions occurs automatically. PRand this exchange acts as a roland guarantor-realizationand the transaction. The exchange rate in this case depends on many factors. First of all, demand and suggestions, available on the market at this time.

Direct purchase — it's a transaction between two users, which does not govern external guarantor. To share KIWI on Bitcoin need knightand man, who needs any amount of currency. The rate in this case can be quite varied. As expensive, so and cheap, in comparisonand с exchangeвым. Plus is noand costs on Commission, and fast speedand exchange. Disadvantage lies in the fact, you risk your deal with scammers. Therefore, a direct exchange is the most risky and the most unsafe.

Servicesand service «BTC-Kiwi» — the best way of solving the problem. Here you can quickly and безопасно поменять Bitcoin on KIWI, and on the contrary. Миллионы людей уже пользуются servicesамand our service. We establishedand myself, as the best company to exchange the reporting currency.

The benefits of the service «BTC-Kiwi»

ESLand вам необходим обмен KIWI on Bitcoin моментально, our service is best suited for this task. We can carry out the conversion in any time. Because the operation is performed in automatic mode. PRоцедура обмеon takes a maximum of half an hour. PRand this exchange rate best, and not includes hidden fees. Cooperation with usand has the following advantages:

  1. Fast conversion speed. You will receive your currency in just thirty minutes.

  2. 100% security. Exchange automatically without registration.

  3. No hidden fees and fees. The figure stated in obtainand always correct. You will receive exactly this amount of currency.

  4. Complete privacy. All operationsand happen anonymously.

  5. Available and qualitatively. Our services trusts a SEM moreand million people.

  6. We work round the clock. At any time of the day and nightand you can change BTC on KIWI to the extent necessary.

To exchange you must do a Trand simple steps. First select the currency, you need to. Then enter the amount and data wallets. After that hit on button «exchange». Follow the instructions, and you can get itsand moneyand in just thirty minutes.

Service «BTC-Kiwi» is one of the most reliable and convenient. Cooperating with us, you can always change the currency on the most favorable conditions!

Buy Bitcoins using our bot in Telegram @BTCKiwiBot

Read more about the process.and you can see in the video below